Things To Know About Orange County Jail

Orange County Jail is a website that provides information on the Orange County jail. Orange County Jail is not affiliated with or a representative of the Orange County Criminal Justice System. We aim to provide key information and resources to potential inmates and their loved ones. Also, you can locate an inmate.

We’re not here for you to judge. We know that things can happen that are out of your control. We also understand that people do make mistakes. You’re going through a stressful and scary time, whether you’re a prospective inmate or a friend or family of a possible inmate. We’re here to help you. We hope the information on Orange County Jail will eliminate some of your confusion as to what you should do and expect.

Keep in mind that jail is not prison. If you have the right attitude, jail time can be a positive thing. Former inmates often see their jail time as a “wake-up call” and change their lives positively after their release. Focus on getting through the experience and looking forward to the time when it is over.

Browse our website to get a better idea of what you can expect in the Orange County jail. Although everyone’s jail experience is unique, there is a learning curve when you go from freedom to incarceration. To make the transition as smooth as possible, we recommend gaining as much information as you can. You will be in the lead if you are well-informed about the jail in orange county System.

You can avoid confusion by understanding the basics like what you are allowed to buy in the commissary and when you can have visitors. You will be able to cope better with your situation if you remove those mental roadblocks. You should always check the Orange County Jail’s visiting hours before visiting. On the Orange County Sheriff’s Office’s website, you can find out the visiting hours.

Bring the proper identification. You’ll need to have a government-issued ID with a photo, such as your driver’s licence or passport to visit a prisoner. Dress appropriately. The Orange County Jail maintains a dress code. Avoid wearing clothing that is too revealing or has offensive images or language.

Keep prohibited items at your home: Do not bring items that are prohibited in jails, like weapons, drugs or alcohol. You will receive a list of guidelines to follow when you visit the jail. Some of these rules include not making physical contact with an inmate, not discussing their case and not using a cell phone. Visits to inmates at the Orange County Jail are a lengthy process. You may need to wait in a line to enter the jail and for your visitation to begin.

Respect: You are visiting someone in jail, and it can be a stressful time for him or her. Respect the inmate and jail staff as well as other visitors. If you were released on a certain date, you could leave the county jail at midnight as long as you had proof that someone would be picking you up. The sheriff did not want anyone walking around the city at night in a small southern town without an overnight bus service.

You will have to wait until the day shift arrives. The curfew was 11  p.m., when the inmates had to leave their day rooms for their cells. If your release date was on the next day, you could remain, but only if the TV was turned off. I think it was the longest hour of all my life. On a utility desk, I saw a paperback by Louis L’Amour that was dogeared.

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